(Inlay on Wood)
Inlay-on-Wood is the extraordinary art of creating artistic images by inlaying small pieces of deliberately selected materials on a wood surface. The artist consciously selects the materials (mainly various types of wood) by their natural grain and color, and depending on the image that he is to create.

Based on the design of the work, materials are elaborately sawed or cut into miniature, yet thick pieces, and delicately placed together in an artistic manner. The work is finally finished with fine application of dyed polyester to provide stability and durability of the work.

Mastering this art requires hard work, knowledge, patience and love along with talent, creativity and expertise. However it is only love that can put all these together.
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An Inlay-on-Wood Masterpiece by

About this artwork

"Ecstasy" is a precious masterpiece of the artist. At first glance, it appears to be a plain, yet beautiful painting; whereas no paintbrush has ever been used in the artwork. Amazingly, every single arc and line on the work, even eyelashes, is either a delicately selected natural grain of the wood or an elaborate cutting trace.

The colorful background of the work is made of an artistic mixture of dye & polyester, called "wind & cloud". This complicated technique is used to endow the artwork with a dreamy atmosphere, and is applied when no wood can do the job.

Like all other masterpieces, "Ecstasy" is unique. The very nature of creating masterpieces will in no way allow exact reproduction of the work, even for the artist himself.

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Materials Used
  • Hair and eyelashes: Tiny pieces of orange, walnut and jujube wood.
  • Face, hands and feet: Mountain shrubs' roots.
  • Crown: Khaatam (modular tiny pieces of wood) and seashell.
  • Shirt: Polyester fiber with inlaid tiny pieces of wood.
  • Jacket: Boxwood with walnut wood as lining.
  • Pants: Mulberry wood with inlaid tiny pieces of forest wood.
  • Background: "Wind & Cloud" with phantom countenances made from Polyester fiber.
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